Understated elegance— Chondon Jewellery Exhibition

As Star Lifestyle enters into the last quarter of the year, running strong on promoting all things local; #deshialways, Chondon marks its 10-year celebration of its jewellery line with an exhibition, held from 19-21 September, at their very own showroom.

Sipping on tea, and looking around the display of exquisitely understated pieces, also for sale, pays homage to the places Chondona Dewan herself has travelled over the last 4-5 years, collecting locally produced pieces from the streets, shops, and fairs from every foreign land.

As she joins me to discuss her journey so far, the designer, who is more popularly known for her clothing line, talks about how she started jewellery designing.

“Around late 1986, I used to work for a handmade jewellery store in San Francisco, making trinkets out of Japanese paper. It was there that I learnt the ins and outs of jewellery making,” Dewan said.

In the last decade itself, Dewan has expressed her passion through her fashion line Chondon, in the form of clothes, bags, and jewellery designed.

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