Timimoun African Journey’s Museum at African Heritage House

The red oasis of the Sahara, Timimoun in southern Algeria, lends its name to the museum in Nairobi because…        

“It was the first and the last oasis for travellers in and out of Africa,” explains Alan Donovan, creator of the African Heritage House in Nairobi, one of the most photographed houses in the world. It’s fashioned after the breathtaking mud mosques of Timbuktu in Mali.

Now he’s on to his next project, the Timimoun African Journeys Museum, which will showcase his entire collection from all parts of Africa, including that of his two long-term associates Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith. The duo is working on their next project, which is to cover African ceremonies of the remaining 10 countries they have not visited on the African continent.

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