Tammy speaks on Afro-centric song

AFRO-POP songbird Thamsanqa “Tammy” Moyo will dropped an Afro RnB track, Kwandinobva and an accompanying video as an appetiser off her forthcoming album.

Tammy told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that the song encourages people to look at their backgrounds and draw strength and inspiration from the battles and hardships they face on a daily basis.

“The song Kwandinobva celebrates where I am from, but we took style references from across Africa, because I also want to celebrate the beauty and diversity of just being African in general. We also mixed it up in a contemporary African way that reflects the modern day African,” she said.

Tammy said, together with DJ Tamuka, she worked tirelessly to give the best on the project as she always seeks to inspire the next person through her works.

“Kwandinobva is one of the songs from my upcoming album and I’m really excited about it. On this production, I also worked with an incredible team of stylists called BLVK consultants that is headed by Danayi Madondo. They managed to piece together some diverse outfits that represent our African heritage,” she said.

“Not only does the song talk about the environment, but the family I was surrounded by. I am the first child out of six and was raised by both my parents and maternal grandparents. My family has been incredibly supportive of my dream and talent. Despite not having much, they have sacrificed and given their all for me to be where I am. I am both Shona (my mum) and Ndebele (my dad). I take so much pride in that.”

Tammy said for the video’s outfits to represent African heritage, they used traditional Ghanaian Kente, traditional Masai fabric, West African fabrics and silhouettes, Ndebele beading and accents, Zimbabwean woven baskets/craft hats, African warrior tribal art, and Zimbabwean traditional craft beads.

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