Striking pieces from Unyayzi Designs

Cape Town – Living up to its name, Unyayzi Designs, which means lighting, stands out with stunning pieces of work.

The company is owned by Samkelo Nyakambi and Asanda Mini who both hail from Langa in Cape Town.

The 30-year-old Nyakambi tells us a bit more about Unyazi Designs.

“I have been selling for three years. I went online to learn. I told myself I going to teach myself. I wanted to show people my township.

I dream of a fashion house. I want to inspire and bring some change in the community through upliftment, especially with all that is going in SA,” said Nyakambi.

The products take you on a journey and reflect the cultural heritage of Africa in a modern way.

“Thereby they are bridging the gap between cultural tradition and the modern aesthetics of the fashion industry. Furthermore, Unyazi creates employment through outsourcing all bead work to local women within the township. Each piece is carefully and meticulously hand-crafted by these women allowing them to keep this traditional African skill alive and vibrant,” said Nyakambi.

Through creating commercial opportunities, these women are able to transfer this skill to other young people, ensuring that this age-old craft does not die out.

Unyazi is a small boutique firm that manufactures and retails a selection of specially designed and truly African inspired time pieces and accessories. Unyazi was founded in December 2017 with the aim of “transforming wrists worldwide”, through the provision of high-quality designer products that carry an African flair.

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