Sonia Mbele talks about African identity in inspiring Africa Day post

It was Africa Day this past weekend and South African actress and businesswoman, Sonia Mbele, decided to share her thoughts on what Africa means to her via social media.

The Mzansi celeb also posted a gorgeous picture of herself, with a special beaded hairdo that wowed fans.

Sonia gave Mzansi a lot to think about when it comes to being African and shared the following inspiring questions: “What does it take to be an African…? Is it the kink in my hair…? The twist of my braid…? The beads in my hair …? The dark or the yellow in my melanin…? The full shape in my lips…? The brown in my iris…? Or is it my ubuntu…? My generous spirit…? The protection from my ancestors…? The fight for and from my people…? The outlook to my future…? The motherhood of my land…?”

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