Six American celebrities who’ve rocked Maasai prints

Maasai attire has become part of our everyday wear as many Kenyans rock beaded bracelets, waist beads and anklets. These colourful beads and shukas are something that many find irresistible including international celebrities. They have even made it to fashion runway shows. Americans, especially, seem to really like these traditional garments as they’re sold on online platforms like Amazon and at their local markets. Whether they rock a piece of jewellery or the full regalia, here are some American celebrities who’ve won Maasai clothes.

Naomi Campbell

While she’s not rocking glamorous dresses on the runway, Naomi occasionally dresses down and even wears a few fashion pieces from one of her favourite countries. Naomi confessed that she has a special place in her heart for Kenya. “People should not shy away from visiting Kenya.

Lilly Singh

The author, talk show host and YouTuber launched a campaign to create education opportunities for girls in various countries, including Kenya.

As part of her campaign, she established a jewellery making centre that made Rafiki bracelets from Maasai beads. She rocked a number of Maasai garments including the Rafiki bracelets, necklaces and a shuka.

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