Our Wedding Blended Nigerian, Congolese and Ivorian Traditions With Modern Style

At the end of the day, a wedding is a celebration of the couple and their relationship together — the inside jokes, the treasured moments, their families and friends, and, of course, their heritage. And that is what makes this union so special. This Philadelphia couple’s wedding at Terrain at Styer’s combined their African cultures — Nigerian, Congolese and Ivorian — with modern elements, to create a colorful, vibrant late-summer gathering that was personal to them and what they hold dear. Here, their story, captured by Tonjanika Smith Photography.

Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo (a.k.a. rapper Sammus) and Lanre Akinsiku’s story started on a curiously sweet note. They met at an art exhibit featuring a massive mound of sugar. Neither knew what to make of it: They admitted their confusion and laughed. That led to laser tag on Valentine’s Day. “Enongo wore heels and won the first two games,” says Lanre, a creative writing instructor.

They dated for two years before Lanre proposed on Christmas in their West Philly apartment. He created a choose-your-own adventure book (Mighty Morphin’, named for one of Enongo’s most popular songs). All paths led to him.

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