Nikiwe Dlova’s hair styling is colourful, trendy and a lesson in history

Colour. Full, bursting, vivacious colour, is the first thing that comes to mind when viewing Nikiwe Dlova’s work.Katleho Seutloali in a headpiece by Nikiwe Dlova.

The very first time I came across it live was during the Afropunk Festival in December of 2019.

A young woman in a sunflower bra, with a matching headpiece, was taking pictures. The artwork was a halo of bright red mesh ringed with fat yellow sunflowers. Dlova creates hair art in the form of headpieces and different creative braided hairstyles.

Recently her work was on display on the cover of fashion magazine Glamour, when she braided and styled TV personality and rapper Boity Thulo.

She braided her hair in neon blues and greens, added some hair accessories and finished it off with some colourful beads.

“Luckily I had a lot of hair extensions and accessories that are colourful because I’m always working with colour.

“So when I got that brief I made sure I took my colourful beaded accessories [as well] because Boity is a healer…

“I think the main thing I wanted to play on were the beads, the colourful beads go hand in hand with where she is in her life right now in particular,” she says.

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