‘My precious’: Women’s obsession with jewellery

Face masks may have stolen the shine from lipstick, but jewellery is still in vogue. And while women’s beauty armour stretches from hair to shoes, clothes to handbag, jewellery is the clincher to that “sophisticated look”.

These ornaments are not exclusive to women. You will find men dripping with ‘bling’ in the American rap scene. But generally, more women buy jewellery than men.

At the mention of this adornment, three words come to fashionista Jolly Mukangu’s mind: Prestige. Femininity. Power.

“Jewellery makes me feel more beautiful and elegant in public. This gives me a higher self-esteem,” she says.

She wears the right jewellery for the right occasion, and in moderation lest it “ruin” her outfit. “I like the way it highlights my personality and best features.”

Her go-to place for the accessories is Dubois Fashion in town, whose variety lures her. As for the silver chains and studs, she gets them from major suppliers, mostly in Eastleigh estate.

Editor Victoria Graham denies she is obsessed with jewellery, but she has a boxful from her travels. She goes to work loaded with bangles, earrings and necklaces.

Her jewellery carries lots of memories. It reminds her of wonderful and some not-so-wonderful experiences.

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