Miss Universe 2019: A Look at the African-Inspired National Costumes

The Miss Universe 2019 final competition took place today, with South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi being crowned the winner. The Philippines won the best national costume category. (Confusion arose during the live telecast where Steve Harvey announced the Philippines as the winner but Malaysia walked in her national costume instead, seemingly as the winner. This brought flashbacks to Harvey’s gaffe when he announced Colombia as the Miss Universe 2015 instead of the Philippines. Recent reports show that Malaysia was chosen as the production’s choice though the Philippines won the vote.)

This year saw many elaborate costumes. Here are the African-inspired costumes.

South Africa’s national costume, called the ‘Wave of Love’ showcases love letters written on ribbons by men to the women of South Africa as part of Tunzi’s and United Nation’s campaign against gender-based violence. The costume has more than 2,000 ribbons on 50m of recycled fabric. Each ribbon took about two minutes to weave into the costume. Additionally, the costume has about 40m of spring steel holding it up so the dress weighs 10kg. The costume’s crown weighs 1.5kg.

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