Meet the ‘hair artist’ using an unusual medium for beautiful creations

There are many artistic ways to make political statements but hairstyles don’t come to mind when thinking of expressing your opinions.

But that’s just what local ‘hair artist’, Nikiwe Dlova, is doing. She is a renowned artist whose creations make statements, according to Beautiful News.

Nikiwe wants to put an end to discrimination against African hairstyles with her own unique creations.

“There’s nothing new in people discriminating against African hair. I want to put an end to that.”

Nikiwe started experimenting with her friends’ hair in school and so her distinctive styles were born.

For her, it’s a way to express herself.

“I use hair as a means to express myself. It’s a fun way to show my personality and tell a story.”

“Most of my headpieces are inspired by African hairstyles they used to do back in the day.”

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