Latest Nigerian traditional wedding beads

To complement the wedding look, Nigerian brides use traditional and stylish accessories. They are often handmade which adds a feeling of love and true care to their look and wedding atmosphere. These designs look overwhelming and unique but one still needs to pay some attention to the colour, size, style, material, and design. The variety of choices is unimaginably great, so we would like to share some photos of the most popular beads designs for the special day of your life. So, what are the latest Nigerian traditional wedding beads?

Nigerian traditional wedding beads colours

Given the fact that in Nigeria a traditional wedding is a big deal the way the bride looks is a matter of great importance, especially if the bride is a Yoruba or Igbo lady. Beads are essential fashion accessory of every Nigerian bride (and even groom) who is preparing for the traditional marriage/engagement ceremony. Wedding guests are also expected to wear beads to complement their attire. When it comes to Nigerian jewelry, colour plays a crucial role. No matter how expensive the wedding dress is, it is not able to create the total look without a piece of matching accessories. So, look at the pictures of the latest and well-known beads designs and colours Nigerian brides wear on the wedding ceremony. While some of the beads are very expensive, others are more affordable. Brides dress up in traditional wedding dresses and then they choose the beads based on the color combination chosen for a wedding ceremony.

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