For Fatu Gbedema, jewelry is more than adornment

Fatu Gbedema sat in the lobby at the Pegasus Hotel attired in her colourful African print accessorized by her beaded bracelets, ring and earrings; hers because she made them.

Fatu has been making jewelry for a long time now. It began as a hobby but has since become a side job for her. A closer look at the style of her jewelry reveals that they have traditional African flair and are contemporary also. However, most of her jewelry is a fusion of both styles.

Where Fatu comes from, jewelry plays an important role in the lives of her people. From birth, girls wear waist beads that help to shape their waists keeping them small. These beads are worn throughout their lifetime. They are expected to make their own waist beads. Many waist beads are soaked for months at a time in containers with fragrances and are only taken out to be worn when the ones being used are destroyed.

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