Creative farmer grows jewellery

Surrounded by her five “Canadian cats” and three “American dogs”—all rescues—she’s found her rural Wainfleet home the perfect place to plant jewellery.

For 23 years, she’s grown her successful business, Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm—literally, from the ground up. Now, the crafty entrepreneur has branched out into her second business, Brindille Jewellery.

Brindille is French for “twig,” she said, explaining the origins of her company’s name. “I grew up on a farm in Flamborough; my parents were the tree, and I’m the twig.”

A plant—known as Job’s Tears—is actually a type of millet, she noted, and a popular crop in Asia, which starts out as green bead-shaped buds, before blossoming into variations of grey, with marble-like strains of white and black running through them. The buds have a naturally shiny exterior, making them ideal beads for her eco-jewellery.

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