Brothers share love for beaded crafts

African culture is the inspiration of the handmade beaded crafts created by brothers Talent Makochera, Evest and Chris Muchemwa, who turned their passion for art into a source of income.

The brothers followed in their uncle’s (Gabs Nyamb) footsteps who started selling beaded crafts on Nestadt Street close to the Bunny Park in 1998 until 2007.

They picked up where he left off and have been selling from the same place for over 10 years. They all agreed that their love for making crafts started at an early age.

Evest’s interest grew after watching the people in his home country, Zimbabwe, make these crafts.

“I would sit and watch them turn wire and beads into something beautiful.”

Talent had the privilege of watching his uncle work as he grew up.

“He taught me how to create a few of the art pieces that I make.”

A lot of work goes into the pieces of art. On average a big piece of wood would take two days to complete.

They make different art pieces, including the Big Five, chickens, unicorns and owls; however, the bright pink flamingos are the ones that stand out the most.

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