Beads seller lists the most popular types of waist beads

Just as the name suggests, waist beads consist of glass beds arranged on a string or tiny rope which is worn around the waist or hips.

They come in different colours and shapes and may also include decorative stones, crystals, or chains, among other materials in recent times.

While these fashion accessories are very widely-known, not many would have thought that there is an elaborate naming system for waist beads.

A video has popped up showing the names of some of the most popular types of waist beads on the Ghanaian market. In the video sighted by, a woman who sells an array of waist beads is seen mentioning the names of the beads and the type of women who wore them.

Among the interesting names she mentioned were Range Rover, Diesel, M’akoma Mu Toffee, I Love My Husband, Sign Cheque, Crystal, Light Off, Toma Nketewa (Small Beads), and Princess.

According to the woman, who referred to herself as Maama Maama Original, the types of beads she listed come in many different colours. She explained that each type of bead had a specific class of ladies who wore it.

While the Diesel was best for light-skinned ladies, the Light Off was best for dark-skinned ladies. The woman also indicated that there were many other types of beads apart from the many she had already listed

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