Latest Nigerian traditional wedding beads

To complement the wedding look, Nigerian brides use traditional and stylish accessories. They are often handmade which adds a feeling of love and true care to their look and wedding atmosphere. These designs look overwhelming and unique but one still needs to pay some attention to the colour, size, style, material, and design. The variety of choices is unimaginably great, so we would like to share some photos of the most popular beads designs for the special day of your life. So, what are the latest Nigerian traditional wedding beads?

The Magnificent blue beads of St. Eustatius

The Weekender asked Statia’s historian Walter Hellebrand about the significance of blue beads: “Statia’s blue beads appeal to the imagination. It is because they are tangible reminders of a time long gone when life on the island was very different and there was slavery. For Statians, it is possible that one of their ancestors wore the beads, or stored them, because in addition to being used for adornment, they also represented wealth and status. They are one of the most direct and ownable links to the forefathers a Statian can have.

40-year cultural odyssey to meet the return of a cultural legend

In 2003, Kenya’s famous pan-African gallery, African Heritage, co-founded by Alan Donovan and former Vice-President Joseph Murumbi, closed down its 51 outlets worldwide and suspended its shows highlighting African culture, textiles and fashions through Kenya’s African Heritage Festival that had travelled the world with its troupe of models, musicians, acrobats, stilt walkers, chefs, hairdressers and others.

“Caravans of Gold” exhibition presents first-of-its-kind look into medieval African art, trade

In “Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Arts, Culture and Exchange Across Medieval Saharan Africa,” which will open at the Block Museum of Art this Saturday, Berzock weaves an artistic narrative of a wealthy African king, the journey of gold from West Africa to Florence, Italy and the expansion of Islamic culture and language.

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